3Ply Non-Surgical
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3PLY Non-Surgical

3ply earloop disposable face mask

  • Zero discomfort or risk of allergic reaction
  • Designed for comfortable protection
  • Conforms to Health and Safety Regulation EN149
  • 3-layer protection with soft inner layer, middle BFE & PFE filtering efficient layer, and fluid-resistant outer layer
  • High-filtration efficiency and low-breathing resistance 
  • Suitable for laser procedures and oral surgeries
  • Easy To Store Due To Fold Flat design

Product overview


Year-round protection: Our 3 Level ASTM 3-Ply disposable mask is equipped with 3 latex-free, hypoallergenic, and fluid-resistant non-woven layers. It is suitable for construction sites, salons, hospitals, dental offices, students. It can be used by adults and children, making it a good choice for emergencies.

JAMIAK INC 3 Level ASTM 3-Ply Reusable Breathing Mask blocks dust and microorganisms.

It is lab-tested and clinically proven to prevent the risk of viruses and bacteria.

Filters out 98% of airborne particles, dust, allergens, pollutants, germs, and fluids

frequently asked questions

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  • Bfe and pfe filtration 
  • Efficiency > 98%
  • High barrier
  • Shingle pleat design
  • Soft and strong
  • Especially useful for laser 
  • procedures

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